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Even though it is proven that personal appearance has a direct affect on job interviews, assisting with personal success goals, relationship-building, etc., it generally does not fall under insurance coverage. The reason is the same reason that you must undergo several evaluations before insurance will cover the cost of braces. Insurance generally does not cover anything that is deemed simply cosmetic, such as teeth whitening.

A cosmetic procedure is generally referred to as something done to any part of your body for reasons related to personal appearance. For example, if someone has crooked teeth, but the condition is not causing an extreme amount of pain or discomfort, insurance generally will not cover a corrective procedure. Generally, teeth whitening is also not viewed as a procedure that will correct a considerable amount of pain or discomfort; rather, it is performed so the individual can improve their personal appearance. If insurance companies covered cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, they would most likely raise premiums because of the increased interest in these procedures over the recent years.

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